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The FL24 or FL30 sondes can separate 3 different tracers selected in 5 classes I to V. Tracers from the same class cannot be separated (Uranine-Eosine: can't be separated). Standard setup comprises optics of Class I, II and III. On request, they can be replaced by Classes IV and/or V. The FL22 sonde is equipped with one optics of Class I, also convenient for detection of Class II tracers.

Dye tracer table

Class Name Detection limit
with the GGUN FL
aborption in
porous media
Bleaching by
Quantum yield
with acidic pH
VSodium naphtionate+++++++++++
IIITinopal (CBS-X or -CL)+++---+++++
IIIAminoG acid++??+?+
IVDuasyne yellow T+++++???++
IUranine (Na fluorescein)++++++--++++++
IIAmidorhodamine G+++++++++-
IIRhodamine WT+++++++++--
IISulforhodamine B+++++++++--
Legend :+++ : very good, ++ : good, + : fair, - : not advisable

Source :
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